Saturday, January 14, 2017

In a Fog

I'm a photographer.  Pictures are what make up my heart.  They are my passion.  They are love on paper.  (Well, these days, on a screen.)  

A few days ago it was so foggy you could only see a few yards in front of you.  Throughout the day I continually resisted the urge to grab my camera and ride around to shoot pictures. By early afternoon I'd caved.  With camera, keys, and my dog in hand my passion had won out.

I drove out of town on back roads, where there was little to no traffic.  It's where the best country scenery lies and I could pull over on the side of the road, get out of the car and shoot with less chance of being run over or be in someone's way.  

I drove through three surrounding towns until daylight no longer afforded the effect I was going for and with my heart full I turned the steering wheel towards home. 

Most of the places I went were very familiar, but it was so foggy I could literally only see a few hundred feet ahead of me.  In places, as I drove slowly through the thick fog, I couldn't see anything. Then I might turn a corner where the fog wasn't quite as heavy and I'd spy a beautiful valley, fields that sported snow blankets and thick, white cotton candy spun into evergreen trees.  But even though it was all familiar territory, still countless times I didn't know exactly where I was.  Visibility was so poor I only had a vague understanding of my location.  I had to rely totally on my sense of direction and memory to get back.

It was a special afternoon for me.  But even more special was that through this experience the Holy Spirit showed me something.  He showed me that this drive paralleled our christian walk with him. None of us can see what's out ahead of us.  We can't see the future.  We can take a few steps, but what's in front of us?  Is there a drop off?  Does the road keep going straight or does it turn right or left?  We are like blind men with white canes, tapping, tapping, trying to find our way.  

The Holy Spirit is our direction.  He is our memory.  He can take us through and get us to where we need to go.  If we would but hold to Him and let Him lead us we wouldn't have to worry about taking a wrong turn or coming to the end of the road and dropping of the edge of an abyss.  

Many years ago I would join in as my husband's family would sing:

"I'm using my bible for a roadmap
The children of Israel used it too
They crossed the Red Sea of destruction
And God was there to see them through.

They'll be no detours in heaven
No rough roads along the way
I'm using my bible for a road map
My last stop is heaven some sweet day."

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