Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All Of Our Riches Are In Christ

My daughter says, "The answer to everything is Christ".

I recently spoke with someone who visited a food shelf. They needed food and knew they could get help there. However, they knew they couldn't get certain items there, such as milk, olive oil, bread and eggs. The food shelf never has fresh items like that, so they prayed and asked the Lord to provide the money so that they could buy those 4 items from the supermarket. They told me that the people there always are so good to them and try to help as much as they can. They picked out the items they needed and upon leaving, one food shelf volunteer said to them, "could you use a gallon of olive oil? How about milk? Oh, and could you use bread and eggs"? This person told me they were amazed. I pointed out to them that we, as earthen vessels, think so narrowly when it comes to God. They asked God to provide money so they could go and buy. Instead, he did exceedingly, abundantly, more than they asked, or even thought possible. He gave them the items!

So often we tell the Lord what we need, asking him to provide in a particular way, with the intention that "if you'll just do this much I'll do the rest". The fact is He already knows our need before we ask. (Matthew 6:8)
He gives us good things. (James 1:17)

His gifts and his calling are irrevocable. (Romans 11:29)

God help us to really trust you. Help us to rest in you with the knowledge and understanding that all of our riches are in you. (Philippians 4:19)


  1. Does God command us to worship him or is that just something humans started doing on their own once they discovered who or what he is?

    Why would an ethereal being need to be worshiped and adored by humans? Why would he need humans to do blood sacrifices which is so pagan? I would much rather feel we are equals when it all comes down to it.

    1. Hello Lorraine B. Thank you for reading my blog and for your questions. I have asked those same questions myself over the years. I am going to post another blog post in which I will attempt to answer your questions. Hopefully I will be able to paste the link for you where you can go and read it. Thanks again! Debbie Berry