Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Potato or Egg?

Let's face it. The Christian's walk is not generally a piece of cake. Hebrews 5 tells us that Jesus learned obedience by the things that he suffered. And if we read our bibles we see that without obedience (hear and obey for there's no other way) we will not enter into his kingdom and live with Him forever. So if Jesus learned how to be obedient by the things that he suffered, what makes us think our walk with him would be any different?

I never had so many tests and trials before I committed my way to Jesus. I went about my life singing "zippety do da, zippety yay, my oh my, it's going my way." But once in the boat with him, the wind began to howl and the waves began to crash. I can relate to the fear that his disciples experienced when they were in the stormy waters and Jesus was asleep. Matthew 8 tells us that the waves were so great that they covered the boat! It says the disciples woke Jesus up and said to him, "We're in the middle of a storm here! Can't you see we are perishing? Save us!" (DBV) (Debbie Berry version) I'm certain they were petrified that he wouldn't do anything about their situation. They obviously believed he could do something if he wanted to, otherwise why would they have called on him with such desperation; with such persistence to help?

When Jesus awoke and saw what was going on he said to them, "Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?" Being the sarcastic, spiritually immature brat that I can sometimes be, I probably would have answered him something like this: "Oh, I'm sorry I was afraid. I mean the waves were only covering the boat! I should have just had faith that I wasn't going to die! Silly me!" How ridiculous, but oh, how truthful! Let's be honest. Am I the only one who sometimes doubts he will save me out of my dreadful circumstances?

Life happens and storms are going to hit. A couple of years ago a huge storm hit our family. Talk about the waves crashing down and covering your boat! My husband was diagnosed with cancer, and we were told that some of the tumors were aggressive. Right then and there we made a decision. Potato or egg? Which do we want to be?

If you take a pot of boiling water and place in it a raw potato and a "raw" egg, that same hot water will make the egg hard and the potato soft. We were in "hot water", so to speak, but we had choices. The hot water wasn't going to go away, but we could chose the effect it had on us and on our lives. In other words, we couldn't change our circumstances, but we could decide the effect we let them have on us. So we chose to be potatoes. We chose to let God use our circumstance to make us soft, to yield to him and to his will, no matter what. Our future was still a question mark, but our God...he is a period. He is the end of the sentence. He remains good and faithful even when our boat is in danger of sinking. But never overlook the fact that HE'S IN YOUR BOAT!

We may falter. We may even fail. But God is God, despite what we do, despite what we choose, despite our circumstances. It's really "Christianity 101". Don't let your circumstances make you hardhearted against him who loves you, against him who can save you.

Be a potato.

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