Friday, December 23, 2011

Perhaps it's because it is the Christmas season, but I have had a heavy burden on my heart lately for families.  Just in my own tiny home town I can name several divorced couples, mostly young couples, which usually results in mothers raising their children alone.  My heart aches for them, especially the children and moms.  Through no choice of their own, these children often live in a world of double sets of parents and splitting up their time between two households. 

As a child I remember my parents' marriage often times being on shaky ground.  Little seemed so terrifying to me than to think that they might actually split up.  I recently had a conversation with my sister in which she recalled being about twelve years old and having our father break the news to her that he and our mother were breaking up.  "You have to decide which one of us you want to live with", he told her.  Thirty five years later she still gets that same sick feeling when she recalls that memory.  Fortunately my parents worked through their differences and "lived happily ever after", but that is uncommon these days. 

This recent burden for families has set me to thinking about how sacred the family is to God and how Satan hates it.  In the beginning he created Adam and Eve, the first family.  The first thing Satan did was to attempt to split them up by causing them to sin, believing this would foil God's future plans.  We all know that it didn't work and God preserved their family.  Though they did sin they did not split up.  God promised that in the future a Savior would come from their offspring.  His name would be Jesus. 

Several years later in Egypt, Pharaoh (no doubt inspired by Satan) decreed that all male babies under the age of two years old be killed.  Once again God preserved the family by saving a baby named Moses who grew up to lead God's people (families) out of Egypt.  (bondage)  Because of this, the family line to the promised future Savior was unbroken. 

Once again, about two thousand years ago, King Herod heard about a new king who had been born in Bethlehem.  His name was Jesus.  Herod, inspired by Satan, sent out the decree that all male babies be killed.  And once again, God preserved the family by sending an angel to Mary and Joseph telling them to flee to Egypt with their newborn Son. 

Without God's efforts to preserve the family Moses and Jesus would have never been born, thus no Savior for the world.  Dr. Dobson once said that God uses the family to pass down the message of the gospel from one generation to the next.  No wonder Satan wants to destroy the family.  He wants to destroy the message! 

During this Christmas season I challenge you to take a look at your own family.  What kind of shape is it in?  What are you doing to preserve and strengthen your family so that your children and your children's children will be sure to hear the Good News message?  God loves your family and He is counting on you to help preserve it for His glory!